The One

The One - Kiera Cass

This was my favourite book in the series. We are finally getting to know more about Illéa and the rebels and this is what I had been waiting for since book one! I am so glad I continued reading this series, because after the second one I was a little bit disapointed and I did not really want to finish it. But I knew there was something more than just the competition and we finally get to that in this book!

As far as America is concerns, she is still really annoying. But she is admitting that she has to made a decision and stop playing with Maxon and Aspen's feelings, finally girl ! We can also see her growing up and understanding a little bit more he world she lives in and what is at stake. Celeste intrigued me a lot, it is nice that she is repenting herself but this is too much of a change and it was weird. Aspen is still my favourite one, he is so loyal and so perfect ! I would definitely have chosen him over Maxon ! Maxon is not that bad either, but I preferred Aspen. 

I am really excited about The Heir :)