Faking Perfect by Rebecca Philips

Faking Perfect - Rebecca Phillips

*This book was sent to me by NetGalley in exchange of a honest review*


This book reminded me a lot of the DUFF, the main character's story were actually quite the same. Lexi is interesting, I loved her character. Lexi struggles with her mom who acts like a child and does not really care about her daughter. Lexi does not know her father, she has no idea if he's alive or not. She has a pretty messed up life and she is trying to pretend that everything is ok. I was expecting more boy/friends/make-up drama but I am happy it was not the case.
This was an enjoyable YA contemporary read but it was also more than that. This book sends a strong message, which is that when you seek perfection it cannot end well.

If you loved the DUFF, you should definitely read this book !