The Kill Order

The Kill Order - James Dashner

The Kill Order is the prequel to the Maze Runner and explains what happened before WICKED was formed and before the maze was built. This book did not add so much to the story and I was disappointed. I wanted to learn more about Theresa, Thomas and the others and it was not really the case. Even if you learn why there is a virus and why people need a cure, I feel like something was missing. 




Also, it has nothing to do with this book, but tonight I will finally know if I passed my exams and if I can begin my last year in September :) 

I also wanted to say that tomorrow morning I am leaving for summer camp for ten days and I won't have the internet. I will still try to read a bit but I am not sure I will have time. 


Have a nice day !


UPDATE: I passed all my exams :D I am officially in my last year of Translation studies :)