The Elite

The Elite - Kiera Cass

These books are really fast paced! The story is really addictive and I could not stop reading. However, as in the first one, I had some problems with the book. The main problem for me is America. I hate her character. She is playing with Aspen and with Maxon and she cannot take any decision. This situation is wrong in so many ways it is really getting on my nerves. But I kind of can understand why she is acting like that, she is only seventeen and this decision will change her life entirely. She also has great qualities, she does not act like the other girls from the Selection, she wants to do something to help the  people, she stands for her friends and that is really good. But she is also naive and it can be dangerous for her.

I feel like the story is getting somewhere, I need to read the One really soon, I want to learn more about the rebels and the situation of the country, because it feels like we are missing something. There was more action in this book than in the first one and I liked that. I am looking forward to continuing on this series.