After (The After Series) - Anna Todd

I just realized that I had not done a review of this book yet.

I listened to this on audio book and read the last few pages on my kindle. I considered giving up on this book multiple times, but I kind of wanted to know what was going to happen. This is the main thing I like about this book: the story was addictive. 


Apart from that, I found that this book was full of clichés and it was so annoying. I mean there are clichés in a lot of books, but here it was just too much. Tessa is super annoying, I do not know any girl like her. Yeah, I know people who don't like to party everyday with a lot of people you don't know, who want to go to bed early because they have school the day after (I am actually one of those people), but this is not reality. It just seems like she has no life, she has no interest in anything. And she overreact all the time (seriously, crying at a party because you want to go home? She's supposed to be 18). And most of the shit that happened to her is because of HER. Just no, I can't.


Then there is Hardin and his "punk-rock-n-roll" friends. It just gave another bad image of people who listen to "hard" music and dress differently. And I was really annoyed by that. 

This good girl- bad boy relationship was too much for me.


The writing style was actually ok. I am aware of the fact that it was originally a fan fiction and so it is not of the best quality, but I have read books far more badly written that were not fan fic. So yeah, it was not too bad. My problems were the characters and the plot (which was non-existent). I agree that there is a plot twist at the end, but who had not seen it coming? This was my theory from the beginning. I knew that many people had problems with this book. Still I decided to give it a try and I was disappointed. Nonetheless, I find that the author did quite an impressive job and this is really cool for her that her book was published!