Lying Out Loud - Kody Keplinger

Sonny lies all the time about everything. She lives with her best friend Amy (who is Wesley's sister from the DUFF, which means more Wesley and Bianca!) because her mom kicked her out and her dad is in jail. Ryder, the new kid at Hamilton High, has a crush on Amy. Sonny hates him because he is a prep-school snob. But one night, Sonny incidentally ends up chatting with him and she realizes that she might like him. The problem is, Ryder prefers Amy...


I flew through this book ! I read it in a bit less than 24 hours. Sonny reminded me a lot of Bianca, she has the same kind of humour. Actually, Bianca and Sonny are similar in many points, the two stories really look alike. But that was totally fine with me, I loved this story, it was a fun and quick read. This book was like a nineties teen movie, light, touching and funny!