From a distant star by Karen McQuestion

From a Distant Star - Karen McQuestion

I got a digital copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange of a honest review.




This was a really cute story ! I enjoyed it. I had some problems with it though.

First, I was expecting a love story. There is romance in the book and a love story is going on, but the book was more about friendship than about love. Emma is trying to do everything she can in order to save her boyfriend because she loves him, but we got to see her friendship with Scout more than her love story with Lucas. This was nice, but I was really expecting a love story.

Then I found sometimes that what happened to Emma and Scout was not realistic. I mean, the book is not realistic, it is about aliens, but they got in shitty situations and always came out of it without any problems (like Lacey let them in the house even if she does not know them, and the old couple gave them a van..). This was kind of "too much" for me.


Apart from that, I enjoyed the book. The friendship is really cute, Scout teaches us a lot about humans. He analyses things and gives us his opinions that are so innocent and so true. He makes you feel bad to be human, but not in a judging way, he just does not understand how stupid we are sometimes (and he is so right). It is cute to see how Emma begins to care for him and how amazed she is at how fast he can learn to be human. The plot is not the essence in this book. What is really important is the journey of these two young people and how each of them got something out of their experiences with another specie (as in someone different from them).


I recommend this if you need a cute story (do not expect a sci-fi book full of crazy alien stuff, it is just a cute friendship story. But it is done right)