Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is a fantasy novel that takes place in a world divided between Red bloods and Silver bloods. The Red being the poor people and the Silver being the rich people with abilities that enable them to control water, fire and other elements. Mare Barrow is a Red, she does not have a job, her brothers are fighting at the frond, her sister is the only one who can bring money to the family and Mare is also going to be sent to war, but then something is going to change her world entirely.


The world the author builds is really interesting and original in a certain way. It is not something we have never seen, but the idea was really cool. The world Mare lives in is really unfair. There are some elements of magic (the abilities of the Silver) but apart from that, this is kind of realistic. The plot is not original at all, a poor girl discovers she is the one that can save the world, she is not like the other, she is special and she has to do everything she can in order to end the injustice. The idea is not new, but it was really well conducted. If you have already read reviews about this book, you know by now that there is a huge twist that is going to blow your mind. But even if I knew something was coming, I did not see THAT coming. That was really good, well done Mrs Aveyard!


The characters felt real. I really love Mare, she is a strong girl who sees that your status should not be based on your blood, and even if she despised Silver, she still relates to some of them because she thinks your ideals and the way you think are not only based on the color of your blood like other seem to think.

There is a love triangle, that really annoyed me at the beginning. Then at the end you understand why it was necessary. It does not take a huge part of the book though, this is not a too romantic love triangle. 


I recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy/magic books. It was a really fun and quick read, I am really looking forward to the next book!