Sir: Pourquoi don't you mettez some savon in your bed-chambers? Est-ce que vous pensez I will steal it? La nuit passee you charged me pour deux chandelles when I only had one; hier vous avez charged me avec glace when I had none at all; tout les jours you are coming some fresh game or other on me, mais vous ne pouvez pas play this savon dodge on me twice. Savon is a necessary de la vie to anybody but a Frenchman, et je l'aurai hors de cet hotel or make trouble.You hear me. Allons. BLUCHER.

Mark Twain in a Frenglish letter to a Parisian landlord.



I was trying to write my paper on constrastive linguistics when I found this example in my notes. It made me laugh so badly that I thought I will share it with you guys.


(This reflects my state of mind after hours and hours of translating texts).