Update on my life


I have finals coming (from May 18th till June 18th), I am currently studying and I have less time to read and to write reviews. On June 18th, after my last exam I am leaving for a 4-day festival! then, I am going to summer camp till July 10th (and my birthday is on July 7th so I hope to receive a lot of books when I come back :D), this means I won't have a lot of time to read/write review on this blog !

But as soon as my finals are over, I will have way more time to read books and that is so cool, I really can't wait. I will also have to write my thesis during summer but it is book-related so it will be kind of fun !


If you're still studying, I wish you good luck with your finals! And if not, I hope everything is going well and just enjoy the sun when you can :) (Well, it depends on where you live)