Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2

The Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordan

I can't stop reading this series. As soon as I finish a book, I need to start the next one asap!


This book was as good as the first one. It was really funny (sad at some point) and full of adventures.


The only problem I have is that Percy does not really act like a 12 year old boy. He seems too mature for his age. But then, he's not a normal teeanager so this is understandable. Annabeth is really clever, I really like her character. She always has a good idea to save our heroes in need. The gods Percy encountered are always weird. I really like the fact that you never know who the person is until Percy discovers it. They always have pseudonyms or stuff like that.


The centaurs were so funny, and I love Chiron's exasperation toward them, it made me laugh a lot.


I am already reading the Titan's Curse, I love these books!