The beginning of a long love story.

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

Many years ago, my father made me watch Percy Jackson. I found the movie quite good. I had no idea it was the adaptation of a book.


One year ago I decided it was about time I read this series so I bought it. And I only started reading it this week. I was so wrong not to read it earlier!


This first book introduces us to the life of Percy, a 12-y-o boy who suffered from ADHD and dyslexia. He has a lot of problems at school and at home and he cannot find his place. Then he begins to notice strange stuff (like his teacher transforming into a huge monster and trying to kill him) and he discovers who he really is.


I love camp Half-Blood, this place seems really cool ! I enjoy the idea of the cabins. The demigods have to live in their parent's cabin with their siblings. It's really like at Summer Camp where you're assigned a character or something like that. I would have like to get more of camp Half-Blood, we do not really have the opportunity to visit the camp.



What was really cool about this book was all the references to the Greek mythology! I love how the author tries to explain all the phenomena happening in real life through the Gods (This is exactly what we're doing in our society but with sciences). 


The quest Percy, Annabeth and Grover are sent on is going to make them travel around the United States and live a lot of great (and sometimes not that great) experiences.


I recommend this book to anybody who loves adventure and fun-quick read.