Sevenster by Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe (Dutch author)

Sevenster - Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe

This novel is the one I chose for my thesis, I am going to translate a part of it from Dutch into French. 


I should write a review in Dutch as I read the book in Dutch but I am not that comfortable to write in this language, and anyway, most of you won't understand so this is useless.


Still, here are my thoughts on this book:


This is more of a middle-grade book than a YA one, the characters were quite young (13-14) but still, I did not had the same feeling I had with Eleanor and Park. I did not find Eveline or Cleo annoying, they were quite young but not annoying. I could kind of connect with the characters because they reminded me of my friends and I when we were younger.

The storyline was quite good, there is a lot of action and mystery. 


It was a really nice experience! It was not the first novel I ever read in Dutch, but it was the first time I was able to chose the book myself, the other novels I read were university reads and were not always really fun to read. 


If you speak Dutch, I recommend this novel to you. It was a fun read and I am really looking forward to translating it!