Paper Town by John Green

Paper Towns - John Green

This YA book was really fun and quick to read. The beginning was a bit slow though, it took some time for the story to settle in and that's why it took me 5 days to read it even though it is a 300-page book. The characters were really likable (John Green's characters are quite similar actually, it is only the 3rd John Green's book I read but I found a lot of similarity between the characters of the different books). I love reading from a boy's POV (which is quite unusual for me) and to see for example how quick a fight between two boys can end (sorry girls, but we kind of suck for that). The events were quite predictable (the ending surprised me, but not that much though), but still, it was a really good book. 

I love John Green's writing, a really simple but beautiful writing. His books make me laugh, they make me want to cry sometimes (no this one). His books give me a new way of understanding the world and the people that lived in.