Germination (Feast of Weeds Book 1) - Jamie Thornton

I won this book in a giveaway and I was really excited to read it !


It is a really short story and you do not really have time to fully understand what is happening, but it really gives you the need to have the second book (like RIGHT NOW) !


It is the story of a group of kids living in the street, trying to survive. But actually, they're trying to do more than survive. They want to live a life they have chosen, they want to build a better place for themselves. Unlike a lot of other survival/post-apocalyptic books, these kids (kind of) chose this way of life. They do not have to live alone because of a plague or an evil power that took over their country. They wanted to escape. Still, there is a virus in the story, a kind of plague, but we do not really know about it yet.

The characters were interesting and can be further developed, I really need more of that story.


I only gave it a 2.5/5 because it was way too short (I mean not in the number of pages, but rather in how much of the story is revealed)