The Lunar Chronicles

Cinder - Marissa Meyer Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Cress - Marissa Meyer

I finally read the first three books of the Lunar Chronicles. And I understand know why people love it so much.


Cinder was a really good start for a series, you cannot not like her and pity her even if she's really strong and that she does not complain that much. The book was addictive, I could not stop reading it. This book was there to introduce you to the world of Cinder, there was not so much action in this one, but I hoped it was going to come in Scarlet...

But it did not. Well, there was action in Scarlet, but more towards the end of the book. We meet new characters in this one, Scarlet is an ok character, but we do not really learn to know her. Wolf was really cool, I liked him. He was so mysterious, I really did not understand who he really was before the end, I could not guess at all. What I loved the most in Scarlet was the multiple perspectives. The stories of Cinder and Scarlet finally met up at the end of the book. 

And then, there is Cress.. OMG! We understand so many things in this book, and it's going so fast. Too fast actually. Too much information at the same time. There is a lot of action in it and so many stories, but you can keep track of them all easily because the chapters are not really long (The scene when all the characters met up in Africa, in Dr. Erland's lab was so hilarious). I really want to know more about Queen Levana, because the things we know about her in these books are told by other characters, we do not really have access to her thoughts (and I want to know why she is such a b****). That's why I can't wait to read Fairest. 


Well, these books were simply brilliant, fun, fast-paced and contained a lot of really cool characters, a bit of romance, and for one, not love triangle!

I definitely recommend it to all the people that still don't know if these books are worth reading because of the hype. Read them!