The Giver - Lois Lowry

The Giver - Lois Lowry

I really did not expect that. I thought this book was just another dystopian fiction, but it was more than that.


This book is set in a community where people are all the same. They do not chose their job, they do not chose their spouse and they're assigned children. They received their bike at 9 and their job at 12. They do not know what is outside their community. 


This book is so powerful. It shows that you have to make sacrifices in order to achieve an Utopian society. It shows that to get rid of pain you have to get rid of love as well. 


Jonas is really angry when he realized what people are doing in the community ('the release of people' for example), but The Giver told him that they do not know anything, they do not experience feelings, it is not their fault. Human beings are selfish. They wish to be happy, but for that other people have to take all the burden of life. And this is so true! We experience it every day of our life. 


Well these are my thoughts about this book. But I think there is way more than that. There is way more to tell. People should read this book. For me it was a really interesting book, that made me think a lot about society. And you have to read it to have your own thoughts about it.


BTW, they made a movie about it. I am really curious to see how they did it. I really do not understand how this book could be a movie. Well, yes, but then we'll only have the events that happen to Jonas, and not really the interesting stuff. Have you seen it?