November wrap up

In November I read:


- Pandemonium (#2 in the Delirium trilogy)

- Requiem (#3 in the Delirium trilogy)

- Legend (#1 in the Legend trilogy)

- Prodigy (#2 in the Legend trilogy)

- Mockingjay (re-read, #3 in the Hunger Games trilogy)

- Champion (#3 in the Legend trilogy)


You should read the Legend Trilogy, it is really great.

The Delirium series is cool, I had fun reading it.

I was so happy to read Mockingjay again, I liked it as much as the first time I read it (maybe even more!)


For the end of November/ the month of December, I am planning to read:

- Falling Man by DeLillo

- Home by Toni Morrison

- The Hobbit (re-read before the movie comes out)

After that, I'll see what mood I'm in. 


And these are the books I bought this month ! I received them this morning ! Have you already read some of them ? Tell me your thoughts!