So, I've just seen Mockingjay Part 1.  I don't know what to say.




First of all, Jennifer Lawrence ! She did an amazing job picturing Katniss in this movie. I was wondering how she would do that as Katniss is destroyed, she does not know what's happening to her, she's completely lost after the two games. We can really see that she's struggling because Peeta is not with her, she does not know if he's dead or alive, and when she learned that he's alive it is even worse, because she understands that the Capitol is using him against her. Jennifer Lawrence played beautifully, she really showed Katniss' emotions. She is amazing when she does the first propaganda clip in 8. "If we burn, you burn with us!"


Then, there is disctrict 13. Oh my god, it was so cool. I was expecting a lot of district 13, the first part of the book mainly happened there so I knew there was going to be a lot of scenes in there. I am happy of what they did with it. (just disappointed that Katniss takes the elevator all the time whereas in the book she doesn't because it reminds her of the training center) 


I am so happy that they showed the rescue mission. I was disappointed by the book because we did not know a thing about what happened in the Capitol when Gale, Boggs and the others went to rescue the Victors and Annie. That was so cool to see them in the Capitol, and Katniss panicking in disctrict 13, she was sure she was going to lose Gale and Peeta. But then they come back and Gale tells her that the Capitol let them go, Snow told Katniss that he knows they are there, but he does not do a thing to stop them. Katniss does not understand why untill she sees Peeta. 


The choking scene was absolutely brilliant. I loved the reaction of the people, the ones who did not read the book were completely lost, the ones who did were amazed as well because the scene was beautifully done. Peeta is so scary. Katniss is sure he's going to hug her and we can see the surprise on her face when he tries to kill her. I would have liked the movie to end at this precise moment. I don't like the fact that they explained what happen to Peeta in this movie, they should have waited a bit more.


Julianne Moore as President Coin = perfect. She did a great job. We do not really understand who she really is in the first part of the movie, in the book Katniss really hates her and we cannot see that yet. But we still have some suspicions about what she really wants from Katniss and what her motivations are. 


Effie ! I love Effie ! When I first read Mockingjay, I was so sad that Effie was not in 13 and that we did not know where she was. In the movie she kind of stands in for Fulvia, so I found it really cool to see her. Because she is such a great character. She is absolutely not in her element in 13. She does not have her wigs, the food is not so good and that is really difficult for citizens of the Capitol to live in such conditions. But still she decides to help Katniss because she really loves her and by doing so she also defends the cause of the Rebels. 


I loved how we see the rebellion taking place, the scene with the bridge is so great. They really show how people are ready to sacrify their lives for the cause. The one with the trees is amazing as well!


But my biggest expectation was the song. The Hanging Tree plays a big part in the books, since the first one till the last one. Katniss is always speaking about this song, how it was forbidden , how her father used to sing it to her and Prim and how their mother disagree. and the music arrangements for this song are AMAZING. I cannot take this song out of my head. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence sings it is even better because it is really Katniss' voice singing it. It gave me goosebumps.


I have so many more to say but I will stop here. To sum up, I loved the movie. It was fantastic, really well done ! I have some small disappointments (not enough Finnick, no Katniss' prep team...) but the movie was really great and I can't wait for part 2!

You should watch it!