First post!

Hello everyone, 


I decided to creat a blog here, because I found them really cool to meet new people having interests in book.


Here's a short description of myself: I am 21 and Iive in Belgium, Europe. It is a really small country between France, Germany and the Netherlands. I've loved reading books since I am child, I particularly like Fantasy, (YA) Sci-Fi and Dystopia. I also love graphic novels and comics (Belgian comics are so cool!).

I love to share my thoughts on books, so do not hesitate!

I also really like book recommandations, so tell me what you're reading, what's your favourite book or what i HAVE to read before I die.


Apart from books, I have a huge interest in languages. My mothertongue is French, but I can speak English and Dutch. I study languages at university and I love learning more about foreign languages. I also started studying Italian last year and I can understand Spanish. I did two years of German but I forgot everything because it was hard.  

I would like to learn Icelandic or Danish but maybe in another life :)


I also like music (listening to music and playing music). I go to concert pratically every week. I also love dancing. 


Have a nice day !