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May Wrap Up

Here is my May wrap-up. I did not read that much in the month of May, I was kind of in a reading slump for most of the month. But still, I really enjoyed what I read.


Extras (The Uglies) - Scott Westerfeld  Night of Cake & Puppets (Daughter of Smoke & Bone) - Laini Taylor,Jim Di Bartolo  Wonder - R.J. Palacio  Replica - Lauren Oliver  Huis Clos and Other Plays - Jean-Paul Sartre  A Court of Frost and Starlight - Sarah J. Maas  


It is difficult to pick a favourite this month (like every month, really). I would say ACOFAS because I had been waiting for it for so long, but Wonder was beautiful and A Night of Cake and Puppets was so cute. 


What was your favourite read this month?


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#35 - A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas

A Court of Frost and Starlight - Sarah J. Maas

Ok, I get it. I understand why so many people are disappointed by ACOFAS. It is really short for starter and there is a lot of partying and drinking and not a lot of fighting (that was disappointing), but I really enjoyed this novella. It was really great to have a bit more of all of those beloved characters and getting to understand Nesta a little bit more, because despite everything, I do really like her.


There is not so much to say about this because, as I said, it was really short and not that much happened, but this festive atmosphere was really enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next book to come.

#34 Replica by Lauren Oliver

Replica - Lauren Oliver

I’ve had mixed feelings about Lauren Oliver’s books in the past but I really liked the Delirium series and Replica intrigued me by its concept. If you have not heard about it, this is actually the story of two girls, Lyra and Gemma who do not know each other but who are going to meet at some point. The book is divided into two parts, you can start with Gemma’s or start with Lyra’s story, or read one chapter of each.


The story was a bit intriguing but I was not that much into it. I started with Gemma’s story and had difficulties staying focused; it was a bit slow and not particularly interesting at the beginning. However, I was way more into Lyra’s story and wanted to know more about the Replicas and Haven. In the end, I enjoyed the concept of the book and the plot was great, but it did not blow my mind. Still, it was a good concept and the story was cool.

#33 - Huis Clos by Jean-Paul Sartre

Huis Clos and Other Plays - Jean-Paul Sartre

This book is actually really dificult to review as it is not really a story. I've read excerpts of this at school and have been wanting to read it even since. I actually really appreciated it and it made me think about so many different things. It was a really intriguing and interesting read, I'm glad I finally took the time to read it.

#32 - Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Where to start? This book was one of the most interesting I’ve read this year. The topic is really not a light one and I can tell you that you may want to cry, but also cry tears of joy because August is really a funny little dude.


I honestly am speechless after reading this. It shows how much children can be jerks, but adults as well, and how people can make somebody’s life difficult without even knowing it. If you haven’t heard about this book yet, this is about August, aged 10, who has had medical issues all his life because of a facial difference (people call him deformed). But August does not have special means as many people like to think, he is just an ordinary boy who wants to do ordinary things.


The story follows August everyday’s life at school and shows how difficult it can be for him but also, how amazing it is to be a child and enjoy a simple life. I really hated when the other kids were mean to him and that August was never complaining about it. He is really tough and is always kind to everyone, even when other kids are being jerks. He is an example for all of us.


This story shows how important friendship is and how you should not treat someone differently just because he looks different. This is actually really important for young readers but even more for adults! I learnt a lot reading this book, it taught me so many things I thought I had already acquired. This is a must read. There is also a movie about it and I really want to see it.

#31 - Night of Cake and Puppets

Night of Cake & Puppets (Daughter of Smoke & Bone) - Laini Taylor, Jim Di Bartolo

Wow, this book was absolutely amazing. It was one of the cutest books I read this year and I totally needed that. I loved the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and I am so happy to have had this additional story about Zuzana and Mik, it really added something to the story. Zuzana is the only “thing” that connects Karou to the real world and learning more about her was amazing.


Zuzana reminded me a lot of… myself. She is really short (like I’m) and hates the fact that people find her cute and want to pat her head because of it. There was this quote that will definitely be one of my favourite now:

“And I’ve found that since you can’t electrify yourself like a fence, the next best thing is to have murderer’s eyes.”

This is me all the time (my actual boyfriend was kind of scared of me when I was a teenager. I can’t help it, I don’t want to be called cute).


Anyway, I loved having both point of views and learning that Zuzana and Mik were already totally into each other without knowing it. What Zuzana does for him is incredibly brave and romantic.


Also, do I need to talk about the illustrations? These blew my mind! The book is absolutely beautiful, and although the story is amazing on its own, you definitely should buy the book just for those.


I had so much fun reading this and if you love the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, I recommend reading this!

#30 - Extras by Scott Westerfeld

Extras (The Uglies) - Scott Westerfeld

Again, I did not enjoy this as much as I had the first time I read it (something like 10 years ago). Aya is annoying as hell, I mean I can’t blame her given the society she lives is but all she cares about is fame and recognition, and it is really something I hate. Tally is not as present in this book as she is in the other three but she still has an important role. She was also really annoying and I kind of wanted to punch her in the face. Again, given what she has been through, can’t blame her either…


The plot was not bad at all but I had issues with the pacing. It also seems kind of childish but maybe because I read it when I was way younger, I don’t know.


Anyway, this book was not bad at all, I even strongly recommend this series, but I guess I am disappointed because I thought it was going to be way better and maybe I shouldn’t have re read it.


As I already said in my review of the other books of the series, I am very excited about the new books to come!

April Wrap-Up

A bit late, but here is my April wrap up!


I did not read a lot in the month of April, I read a total of 6 books (including a graphic novel)


Flame in the Mist - Renee Ahdieh  Archie, Vol. 1 - Mark Waid,Veronica Fish,Annie Wu,Fiona Staples  Restore Me - Tahereh Mafi  Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham  Furthermore - Tahereh Mafi  Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins  


My favourite book of the month was Restore Me but all the books I read were really great!


Have you read any of these books?


Thanks for reading,





#29 - Isla and the happily ever after by Stephanie Perkins

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

This was exactly what I needed after my kind of reading slump. This was a really beautiful story with a happy ending.


I liked the fact that we got a bit of the characters from the other books (Lola, Cricket, Anna…), this book is part of a trilogy but you do not really need to read all of them, but I totally recommend it because it is a great series.


Isla reminded me a lot of myself. She is really short (but actually still taller than me) and she got into a lot of situations that I could totally relate to. Like with Anna and the French Kiss, I really loved the fact that it took place in Paris and that the characters were going to places I’ve visited, just like their trip to Barcelona. It was also fun to read all these things about European teenagers who are different from American, it was really accurate.


The ending was absolutely beautiful; so many things happened that I was not expecting, it was cute and heartwarming. I definitely recommend this series.

#28 - Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

Furthermore - Tahereh Mafi

It took me ages to read this book, not because it was bad but because I was still in a huge book hangover after Restore Me. The story was great and totally crazy; I had a lot of fun reading it.


It reminded me of course of Alice in Wonderland but even more of Oz, the crazy touch of humors were really similar to L. Frank Baum’s. It was however, really different from the other books I’ve read by Tahereh Mafi and I actually really liked that.


I guess my timing was really bad and I maybe shouldn’t have read it just after Restore Me. I still recommend reading it if you like crazy stuffs because it definitely was!

#26 - Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is a woman of many talents. I am absolutely in love with her acting and now I’ve discovered she can also write really well. I’ve listened to the audiobook of Talking as Fast as I Can and I was totally in love with the book. So obviously, I had to read this one.


I also listened to the audiobook because it’s Lauren Graham herself reading it. And she is so good at it! I could picture everything she said in details, I was not distracted (which happens a lot with audiobook, English not being my mother tongue, sometimes my brain forgets to listen) and I could not stop listening to it.


The storyline is nothing really original (actually it is really similar to Lauren Graham’s life!) but it was told in a beautiful way. The different relationships of the main character are really authentic and I could easily relate to the characters.


I think she did an amazing job and I know that I have to read everything she writes in the future!

#26 - Archie: The New Riverdale

Archie, Vol. 1 - Mark Waid, Veronica Fish, Annie Wu, Fiona Staples

It was actually really cool to read this comic! I had never read any of Archie comics but I’ve watched Riverdale so I was really interested in discovering what the book was all about. I will definitely read the original series one day.


It was fun to see those characters in a comic (I know it should be the other way around but I started with watching it instead of reading it…) because it is really different than on screen, they are way less complex.


The art is really great, I totally loved it. The storyline was interesting and really funny. I think I will continue on with the series but still, it did not blow my mind

#25 - Restore me by Tahereh Mafi

Restore Me - Tahereh Mafi

Ok, so where to begin… I had the biggest book hangover I’ve ever had. Seriously, I was so frustrated by the end of the book I almost throw it across the room. I need more! And I need more right now!!


It was amazing to get into this world again. The original trilogy was one of my favourite series ever and I was so happy to know there will be more books to discover what was going to happen to Warner (and Juliette, of course, but Warner though… Sorry, I’m fangirling).


I was so glad to discover the new characters and to learn more about other part of the world. It was really something that I missed in the original trilogy so I was more than happy!


We did not get a lot of Adam in this book but honestly I don’t really care. I never really liked his character, I enjoyed when he was around for Juliette at the beginning but I’ve always been team Warner obviously…However, I was sad to get so little of James, because he is really cool and I would have loved more interactions between him and Warner. I guess there will be more in the next books.


The new characters are really mysterious and I won’t say too much about them because I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not read it yet.


I am not a fan of series that are supposed to be over and then the author decides to write more books. Most of the time it does not work at all for me, but in this case, it was just perfectly done and it add so much more to the series. I can’t wait for the next book (that ending guys :o!)

#24 - Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh

Flame in the Mist - Renee Ahdieh

I had already written a review for this book but my computer decided not to cooperate and I lost it...

So here we go again!


I really enjoyed this story. I think that Mariko is a great main character. She is so strong and so delicate at the same time; I liked the fact that she still has her feminine side while being a warrior. I agree this is something really typical in most YA books, but I never get tired of it. It is, I think, something important that girls need to be reminded of.


The setting was what appealed to me the most in this book. It takes place in feudal Japan and it is definitely something I’m not used to in YA books! It was amazing to see how Mariko could easily pass as a boy and that nobody noticed. It emphasizes the place of women in this society; they don’t realize she is a girl because a girl would not be capable of what she does. The fact that her brother don’t even recognize her (or thinks he does, but then he knows it can’t be her) is even more reveling.


The plot was interesting but was not what I preferred in the book. It felt a bit too long at certain moments then a bit rushed at the end. But in general, I enjoyed the story.


However, I have one major disappointment: the love interest. I would have preferred it not to happen like that, but then again, it is only my personal opinion.


Also, I thought it was a standalone while reading it and I was frustrated at the end, so I’m really glad there will be other books in the series because I definitely want more of this world.

#23 - Frappe-toi le coeur by Amélie Nothomb

Frappe-toi le coeur - Amélie Nothomb
Writing a review for one of Amélie Nothomb's books is always difficult. First, because I read them in French and I'm writing in English. Then, because she is my favourite author of all time, so it is not easy for me to write something constructive. Finally, because all her books rather follow the same patterns, so if you like one, you would surely like the others.

Anyway, this one is about a young and beautiful woman who always gets everything she wants because of her looks. She then got pregnant and have a beautiful daughter. That is when things get complicates because she will be jealous of her daughter. You can imagine the kind of difficulties it will bring into their mother-daughter relationships.

The story is based on Diane, the daughter, and how she is coping with her life after her troubled youth. I think it was a really interesting topic and one I'm not familiar with at all. It was sometimes a bit brutal (like most of her books) but I think it was a fascinating topic.

I totally recommend this author if you have never read one of her books, it is worth it.

March Wrap-Up

In the month of March I read 9 books. I am really happy about it, I had a lot of time to read. I thought it was going to be impossible because I had a lot of other things to do but in the end, I could read a lot, yay!


When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon  The Black Key - Amy Ewing  The Winner's Crime - Marie Rutkoski  The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood  Unite Me - Tahereh Mafi  Specials - Scott Westerfeld  Hero at the Fall - Alwyn Hamilton  Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) - Lauren Graham  Frappe-toi le coeur - Amélie Nothomb  


I can't pick a favourite for this month but I think that Hero at The Fall and Talking as fast as I can are the two best books I've read this month, I just can't choose between the two.


I hope you had a great reading month as well :) !


Also good news: Spring is finally here!


Thanks for reading,





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