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#58 - Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas (re-read)

Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas

This series is definitely one of my favourite, ever. I am enjoying my re-read so much and I can’t wait to read Empire of Storms and then Tower of Dawn (which is to be released really soon!)


You can find my original review on Goodreads.


I don’t have anything to add to my review, this book is really good and probably my favourite in the series (so far).


I will read Empire of Storms really soon!

#57 - Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy) - Laini Taylor

An epic conclusion to an epic series! I decided to give it a try after hearing so many great things about it and I am really glad I did.


This series is unlike any others series I’ve read before. It has great complex characters, a really unique world created y the author and the writing is so amazing. I can only recommend this series, it is really worth it.


I waited quite a long time to read the last book because I did not want this series to end. My favourite book is still the second one, but this one was a wonderful conclusion to this series.


I won’t go into too many details because I do not want to spoil the book for those who have not read the series yet, but the ending was really great. Unexpected, well, it was kind of easy to predict the course of events but after all the action ended, the book was not over. There were still some chapters about what happened after, which is really not that common in books. I am really happy about that ending!


Again, I definitely recommend this series!

Holiday (+ holiday TBR)!


Hi guys,


I finaly have some holidays and will spend one week in Spain. The weather has been awful all summer in Belgium and I can't wait to have some time to relax and read on the beach.


I won't post any reviews while I'm on holiday but I will still read your updates!


I still have to write my review of Dreams of Gods and Monsters (which was incredible!)


In my suitcase I packed Queen of Shadows, Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and my kindle on which I'm currently reading Moonstroke. I'm not sure I will have much time to read, we are going with my parents and some friends so I guess we will spend a lot of time together.


See you soon!


Thanks for reading,



#56 - Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

I love books that surprise me and this one definitely did. 


If you do not know about this series, it is a duology that takes place in a fictional city called Ketterdam. This is the second book in the series and it was even better than the first one. It also takes place in the same world as The Grisha Trilogy. 


I do not know where to begin. I wanted to start my review with a quote, but there are so many amazing quotes in this book I just couldn't choose one. Everything was amazing; the characters, the atmosphere, the world created by the author, the writing, the plot, the pace, the cover, the... Everything. I was not disappointed by a single thing in this book. I just might add that some passages of the books were just a tiny bit too long and could have been shorter. But really, it is a teeny tiny detail!


The plot was great, easy to follow but full of unexpected developments. That is why the book surprised me, I could not predict what was going to happen and I loved that. Every time I thought I had figured out what Kaz was planning, something else happened. Such a mastermind! The other characters could not predict the events either and that was great to discover the plot at the same time that they did.


All the characters in this book are lovable. They are criminals, but good criminals I might say. All the people in the team have had an awful life and they deserve so much more. They did despicable things (to despicable people), but they also have a great heart and are always trying to help other people.  


Kaz is amazing, annoying as hell, but amazing. He sacrificed so much for his brother and his team, but I want to strangle him at how he behaves, man, just show your freaking feelings!! I understand why he doesn't, but hell it is frustrating. 


Inej is just one of my favorite character of all time. She is such a strong woman, or should I say young girl. It is difficult to imagine the fact that they are all so young. She knows she is good at what she does and she is not modest at all about it, and that is so great. Being proud of what you do should not be a bad thing and it is often pictures as so. I am glad there are characters like Inej who believe in themselves and are proud of what they can do without being pretentious (well, Inej is sometimes but in a funny way). 


Matthias is difficult to understand, he is conflicted about Nina because she is supposed to be his mortal enemy. But he loves her so much. Their relationship is amazing, it is so cute and they are hilarious together. Nina is also a badass fantastic female character! 


Wylan and Jesper well... Just the cutest as well! I love that we learned more about their background and their childhood. It was handled perfectly, discovering more about them helped discover more about the plot as well.


To conclude: what a ride! I definitely recommend this duology if you like YA fantasy, adventure and criminals who are actually the good people in the story.  


#55 - Seven Ways we Lie by Riley Redgate

Seven Ways We Lie - Riley Redgate

I bought this audiobook with my Audible credit of the month and I had not a lot of expectations because I had not heard too many things about this book. I just found the topic interesting and I assumed it would be a light contemporary read. It was not a light read. And I LOVED it.


All these characters have so many qualities about them, I was scared they would only be the embodiment of the sin they represent, but they were way more complex than that. Honestly, I'm not even sure I know which character was which sin, which is positive because it means they were not too clichés. Still, I think I managed to identify some of them.


Seven Ways We Lie is one of those books where the storyline is not the most important thing about the book. The plot has a purpose, but after reading it I forgot almost everything that happened. But I remember all the characters so vividly. It was just a typical high school setting with typical high school drama; but the characters were everything to me.


If you are searching for diverse characters, read this book (there was even a pansexual MC which is so rare in YA books). They all have with their own problems and flaws and you discover more about them bit by bit. It was confusing at first to understand who was who, but I think it is because I listened to it. Once I remembered all the names, it was easier to follow. The character building was nicely done.


I won't describe every character because I really think it is important to read about them without knowing anything but I just want to mention Olivia who is such a great female character: I love everything she represents. Olivia is not scared of who she is and she is not ashamed of what she likes, which is sex. I am so glad I read a book about a young girl not being okay with the fact that men can talk about sex and women cannot. It is not something new, but it is so damn rare to find it in YA. I love her passion and how she stands for herself, even if most guys are being total jerk (to stay polite) with her.


It was a great read and I really recommend this (edit; I think it is a debut novel which is even more impressive!!).

#54 - The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

The Narrow Road to the Deep North - Richard Flanagan

I got this book for my birthday in 2013 or 2014, I don't remember. I had read about it on the internet and it seems a really great book. But then I was intimated by it, it's big and not the kind of book I'm used to reading. I finally decided to give it a try. It took me more than one month to read it, I had to read other things in between, but I finally did it. And I was not disappointed at all. 


I don't often read historical fiction, I think it was even the first book I read in this genre.  Furthermore, it is about something I am not familiar with. Like at all. We learned about WWII at school, but about what happened in Europe, and a bit about what happened elsewhere, but really briefly. We are so focused about what happened to "us", nobody tells us about the fact that many more people were affected by it. The entire world actually. 


I cannot even say this book is about war and its atrocities, because it is not. It is so much more than that and I am sure I did not get all of it. I was sometimes confused, I did not remember character's names and kept mixing them up. I was really intimidated by this book! 


But in the end, I loved how true this book was, how the author writes about the reality of things, things that are not always pleasant to read about. This book is harsh, it made me gag multiple times; it was disgusting. But it was also disgusting how human can act towards other human. What men can think and do to other.  


Despite being harsh and disgusting, this book was also, truly beautiful. Men who have nothing left, who are dying, still manages to show kindness and forgiveness towards others, which is what I love about the human race. These men are struggling to survive and they will still sacrifice themselves for others. Love (and friendship) is a central topic in this book. 


I am really glad I finally found the courage to read this book and I really recommend it. 

#53 - Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas (re-read)

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

I have to say the 2nd read was so much better than the first one. I had forgotten so many little details and I'm glad I choose to re-read this series. Knowing what is to come, it's better to learn again what happened first. The only thing that was better the first time is that I was more emotional about some events; this time I knew such or such character was not going to die or was going to be saved and stuff so It was way less scarry. 

Aelin is growing on me; I hated her when I read Throne of Glass for the first time, then started to like her a little more with every book. Now, I love her. She is such an amazing and complex character. Rowan is still my fav... Nothing new here! 

Aedion and Chaol's storyline was not that interesting to me the first time I read the book, but I was paying way more attention to it this time. I wanted to learn more about them and what they were trying to accomplish. 

I had forgotten the reunion at the end between Aelin and Maeve.. How could I forget this?! IT WAS EPIC!!!!!! 

Manon Blackbeak, well, I love her, she is perfect. What can I say? She is flawless. 

I really can't wait to re-read Queen of Shadows because I know more epic things are coming...

#52 - The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh

Another really popular book that I had to read, I enjoyed this story and its characters and Shazi is really badass!


This is a retelling of A Thousands and one night where Shahrzad decides to volunteer to become the Caliph’s wife to avenge her best friend, killed by him on one dawn. But Shahrzad will discover that Khalid, the Caliph, is not exactly who he seems to be....


Like always with books from Middle Eastern inspiration, I struggled with the names. I cannot pronounce them in my head and I keep mixing them, because they are so different from what I know. But I love it: it makes me travel far away and makes me dream about beautiful exotic countries. It is a part of the world I’m not familiar with at all and it is such a shame. The descriptions in this book were just magnificent.


You don’t have any introduction or world building, you’re thrown into this world and it’s a really bold choice from the author, but it was also really well done. After all, it is a story that everybody is familiar with so it was not a problem. I just felt like the middle section of the book was too slow, but the ending was amazing.


The characters are so mysterious, even after one entire book, you still don’t really know Shahrzad, she makes decisions you really don’t expect. Khalid is even more mysterious and you can’t help but love him, even if he seems to be a monster.


This first book was so mysterious, I have many questions and many expectations for the second book (which is currently sitting on my shelf!), I can’t wait to read The Rose and The Dagger!

#51 - Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss (Anna & the French Kiss 1) by Stephanie Perkins (2014) Paperback - Stephanie Perkins

This book is really popular on Booktube and Goodreads and last time I ordered some books, it was kind of cheap so I decided to finally give it a try. I was not disappointed!


If you don’t know about this book, it’s the story of Anna, a girl from the States who is sent to study in Paris for one year. I started this book two days after my trip to Paris so it was even better; Anna was discovering many things about Paris that I had just seen the week-end before and it was even more magical. I love it when characters are going to places I’ve seen, which don’t often happen as I’m reading many books taking place in the USA and I’ve never been there (well, I’ve never left Europe actually…). It was so great being able to identify the places she was going to.


The story in itself is pretty basic: Anna makes some new friends and one of them is really hot, but the problem is, he has a girlfriend, but Anna kind of starts to fall for him anyway, and she knows it is bad, but she cannot help it. Really typical. But it is written in such a beautiful and simple way, you cannot help but fall in love with this book and its characters. It’s just a story of teenagers falling in love and learning about life and betrayals and disappointments etc.


It also approaches the subject of studying abroad, in a country you don’t know, where people speak a different languages and where you do not know anyone; a really amazing but scary experience. I kind of experienced the same myself, well not really as I was older and already knew the language (and stayed in my country), but I studied 6 months in Flanders, which is another region in my country where people speak a different language. It is a different culture, a different language and I did not know anybody there. But it was some of the best months of my entire life and I met some dearest friends there that are so important for me today!


Anna’s story is beautiful and heartwarming. I love every page of it and I can’t wait to read the other stories in this series. I really recommend this if you want something exotic (well, Paris may be exotic!) and beautiful.

July Wrap-Up

Ok, July is over. It was actually the frist time in 24 years that I go to spend July working and not on holiday... It was hard! Especially since many of my friends are still studying or are teachers, so they were all like "look at me having fun in New york", or "look at my picture on the beach drinking cocktails while you are in Belgium where it's raining all the time" ... (and it HAS BEEN raining all the time. Like: ALL THE TIME!!)


Anyway, let's stop complaining! In the month of July I read 6 books:


5 stars:


The Help - Kathryn Stockett  The Upside of Unrequited - Becky Albertalli  


4 stars;


Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed  Anna and the French Kiss (Anna & the French Kiss 1) by Stephanie Perkins (2014) Paperback - Stephanie Perkins  Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas  


3 stars:


Horizon - Tabitha Lord 


Not too bad! I also got so many new books (July 7 was my Bday!), I should do a Book Haul soon !


Thanks for reading,



Booktube-A-Thon wrap-up

Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed Anna and the French Kiss (Anna & the French Kiss 1) by Stephanie Perkins (2014) Paperback - Stephanie Perkins

Booktube-A-thon was great! I did not participate in a lot of sprints and I did none of the Instagram challenges this year (Pokemon Go was definitely in the way, I spent most of my time trying to catch Articuno), but I still managed to read more than I usually did, and that was my goal so I'm pleased with myself. 


I managed to finish two entire books and I am a bit less than halfway though the third one. I read a total of 815 pages, which is not that good but not too bad either. For the challenges, I managed to complete quite a lot of them, with only twoo books!


#1 – Read a book with a person on the cover: The Wrath and the Dawn (430p)  Written in the Stars V

#2 – Read a hyped book: Anna and The French Kiss V

#3 – Finish a book in one day: Saga vol 6 (152p)  Written in the Stars V

#4 – Read about a character that is different from you: Written in the starsLes âmes grises (280p) 

#5 – Finish a book completely outdoors: Saga vol 6 (152p)/ Three Dark Crowns 

#6 – Read a book you bought because of the cover: Written in the stars V

#7 – Finish 7 books: Journal d'hirondelle


Written in the Stars fitted many challenges so, that's great. I will definitely finish The Wrath and The Dawn, because it is realyl great so far, and then I will go on with my two currently reading books, which are The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Heir of Fire.


Thanks for reading,



#50 - Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed

Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed

I saw this book in the new release section on a website one day and decided to give it a try, honestly, just because the cover was pretty. I was not so sure what it was about, but it seemed great so I put it on my Amazon wish list, then I got it for my birthday. I read this for Booktube-A-Thon because it fitted different challenges. I read it in one day, it was so great and so captivating I could not put it down.


It was not at all what I expected. It was way better. If you are searching for a nice and beautiful book, do not read it. It is a really dark book but such an important one. I definitely recommend this.


This book is about Naila, a girl from Pakistan who lives in the US with her family. Her parents let her choose many things, but they won’t let her choose who she dates (= her husband). Naila is in love with Saif, who is also from Pakistan but there is a scandal surrounding his family and Naila’s parents do not agree with their daughter dating him (or dating anyone in that matter). They then decide to fly to Pakistan to visit their family because they think Naila lost herself. Naila enjoys Pakistan, she finds it great to learn a new way of life, to meet her family and she is having a great time. But she wants to go back home because she misses Saif and her friends.


Things will not go as plan during these holidays in Pakistan and Naila is trapped, scared and she cannot believe what her parents did to her, even if they keep on saying it is for her own good.


Naila’s story is not unusual, and I loved every page of it. The beginning of the book is so light, I was expecting a book with some teenage drama, but it was not the case at all. It was so dark and so hard to read. I was feeling more and more anxious, and trapped just like Naila. It was scary and made me open me eyes about this reality I’m not familiar with.


There was also the question of the parents, are they so bad? Is it a “cultural thing’? Could forced marriage be justified by a culture? Really, I’m not so sure about it. In my opinion, nothing can justify what they did and what is still done every day in some regions of the world. But who are we to judge and to make decisions for other people? It is actually what they do, making decision for other, because they think it is best. Aren’t we doing the same thing? It is a bit confusing and a really hard and complex question. Naila’s relationship with her parents was contentious because of this and you can’t just not hate them for what they did. However, they think they are doing what’s best for their daughter…


I definitely recommend reading this book, it will raise many questions in your hear, I’m sure of it.

#49 - The Upside of Unrequited

The Upside of Unrequited - Becky Albertalli

Another important book, with a strong and beautiful message. The storyline was really simple, no big drama (well, teenager drama) and not a lot of action, it was just a story about the life on an ordinary girl, who has a not so ordinary family. Molly has two moms, one twin sister and one baby brother, who people claimed is not really her brother because they don't share a mom, just a donor dad. Molly also thinks people would not say he is not her brother, if he was white like her. You see: many diversity in this book. And It was so great to read about this family, who is not conventional, but is so great. This is not a conventional family because it does not enter the mold of what most people think a family represents. But for me, it is the most typical family there is because it is full of love, and it's what a family should be. 

Molly is also your typical teenage girl: she does not seem to lover her body really much, she thinks she is weird because she has not kissed a boy yet and she has issues with her sister. She is struggling to find herself and she is asserting herself more and more every day. She is such a lovable character! 

This was a cute book with a strong message. For me, the most important thing in this book was that love is what matters the most. I definitely recommend it!

Free Friday (July 21)

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

HI guys ! Today is national Belgium day and so I should not be working.. except we are going to Paris with my colleagues to visit the headquarters of our company and all our French colleagues. Also two of my Italian friends currently live in Paris so I'm staying there for the entire WE, I'm way too excited !! Happly national day Belgium!


So I need a book to bring on the week- end as my copy of my currently reading book (The Narrow Road to the deep north) is a hardback and way too heavy to carry in my small bagpack. And for this I'm going to read Heir of Fire as part of my Throne of Glass re-read.


Ok now, it's not even 6 in the morning, time for a Starbucks then off to Paris.. Have you ever been there ? Any great bookstores ?


Thanks for reading, 



Booktube-A-Ton TBR

The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh Anna and the French Kiss (Anna & the French Kiss 1) by Stephanie Perkins (2014) Paperback - Stephanie Perkins Saga, Volume 6 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed

If you don't know, Booktube-A-Thon takes place from Monday 24th till Sunday 30th. You can check the Youtube channel for any information. Just know that you do not need to be a youtuber to participate.


I really love this readathon and I love readathon in particular, so I decided to join!


Here are the challenges as well as the books I chose to read to complete those:


#1 – Read a book with a person on the cover: The Wrath and the Dawn (430p) 

#2 – Read a hyped book: Anna and The French Kiss (384p) 

#3 – Finish a book in one day: Saga vol 6 (152p) 

#4 – Read about a character that is different from you: Written in the stars (304p)/ Les âmes grises (280p) 

#5 – Finish a book completely outdoors: Saga vol 6 (152p)/ Three Dark Crowns 

#6 – Read a book you bought because of the cover: Written in the stars (304p) 

#7 – Finish 7 books: Journal d'hirondelle


The books not in italic are the optional one. I'm almost sure I won't have time to read 7 books, so I chose books that fit multiple challenges, then add one when required to complete all the chalenges, we will see how it goes!


Are you participating in Booktube-A-Thon? 


Thanks for reading,



#48 - The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help - Kathryn Stockett

I feel like I'm reading so many interesting and important books these days. This one was definitely not an exception. 

Seeing the world through Aibileen and Minny's eyes was truly exceptional, I was scared for them, angry at how they were being treated, disgusted by people. And I was impressed by their courage and their will to change something, even while knowing it could be dangerous for them and their family. And I should not forget Skeeter, who is a privileged white lady, and is ready to put these privileges in jeopardy to help those maids. It was truly beautiful. 

Understanding the relationships between the maids and the children they care about was also something. They care about them as if they were their own, even if the parents of these child treat the maids like shit. They are trying to make a difference while educating these children because they know they will turn out like their parents if they don't. 

Mississippi in the 60's was not a good place to live as a colored person. This book is about racism: white people are so sure they are better than black people. It seems so natural for them, it is scary to think it was like that. I do not mean there is no racism anymore today, but it seems so natural in these days. Some people were trying to make a difference, but the majority of people still think black people and white people should be separated. 

Mississippi in those days was neither a good place for a young woman, colored or not. Skeeter is ambitious and wants to pursue a career. She has the privilege of going to college but it seems like she won't be able to use her education, she is destined to be a good little wife, like every woman. They are supposed to live for their husband and reading this as a young woman myself, living in a rich country in 2017, I am so glad it is not the case anymore. I am so grateful for all those people who fought for women's rights, and that thanks to them, I could go to University and start a career. Or I could stay at home and bring up children if I wanted to. 

The main subject of this book is racism and segregation. But there are also other subjects like women condition, upbringing of children, young love, dealing with sickness, betrayal, friendship and so many many more. 

I loved every second of it and I totally recommend this if you haven't read it yet. 

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